Hello DS 106ers..

This is the post excerpt.

Hi all! My name is Amanda and I will be using this site for my DS 106 class. I became interested in this class because I want to learn how to use digital tools to tell stories of people who suffer with negative body image and how they have overcome them. I hope that our stories can collectively inspire and create positive change.

Sometimes, but not all the time, disordered eating, self harm, depression and a general lack of self love can all stem from being dissatisfied with who we are and especially what we should look like. Our western society does a great job of creating and sustaining a breeding ground for these negative thoughts and behaviors. I hope to explore the narratives of these different topics here. I also hope to introduce new stories of people around the world who are similar to us but different and have mastered the art of self love.

I hope to share stories that we are not used to. Stories that will redefine health and nutrition, gender roles, romantic love, beauty and what a perfect body looks like.  My hopes are that these stories inspire a positive change for the individual who finds them selves here. I cant wait to start class and start learning!

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